Calculation Solitaire

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Green Mountain Calculation Solitaire

Calculation is an odd little solitaire card game. A card is dealt from the stock pile, and you have to either place the card into a foundation, or on to one of the five piles at the top. The piles at the top are kind of weird because you aren't allowed to move any cards between the piles once you've put them there, and you're allowed to place cards into those piles no matter what card is currently on top. Also you can ignore suit in the game, it doesn't matter at all.

The foundations are really tricky. You have to alternate the cards you place into them based on the number that's on the card immediately to the right of the foundation. So the foundation that has the ace next to it, you only increment by 1. The foundation with the 2 next to it, you place every other card. the foundation with the 3 next to it you place every 3rd card. To make things easy, I just put the number of the card that needs to be placed next to the left of that foundation. So if you see 'NEXT 2' to the left of the foundation, you need to place a 2 in that foundation as the next card.